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Article writing as an SEO technique

Apparently, websites that use article directories for SEO on their own site are likely to be affected as well. Google wants to count legitimate links back to a website, not links made by a website owner trying to improve their rank.

New SEO approach

The algorithm change means that SEOs might have to change their tactics. We might see a shift away from article directories and more over to link directories. Digital agency will have to find a new, effective way of link building.

The directories that do not ensure that they have at least semi-unique descriptions should also be worried.

Google actually likes good quality directories simply because they can use them to help their algorithm to identify which sites are in which niche.

Are all previous statements all lies?

Google claimed that using duplicate content on your site would exclude the duplicate pages from indexing and receive duplicate content penalty. It was thought that the duplicate content issue had been tackled by Google ages ago. We all know it wasn’t the case though. How is this algorithm change any different than the practices Google claimed to have been using for ages? The question comes to mind: Does it mean Google does not apply any control to link farms that we still see being used and are more than fine in helping poor quality websites to rank higher. Google might soon miraculously announce (following the JC Penny scandal) a change to their algorithm to target websites using link farms. Sadly until than this Black Hat SEO techniques are still safe, the same way you could submit your article to 1000s of directories was safe until two weeks ago.

If you don’t yet have the Avast Online Security browser extension, it’s now time to get it. This feature helps users find the best offers among trusted online stores, which consists of a variety of participating e-shops and travel booking websites. You can also search for coupons that can be applied to your purchase with the use of Avast SafePrice.

No matter which browser you use, the extension should be compatible. It’s available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

How does it work? It communicates data with the Avast server regarding the products for which you are searching and the URLs of the sites you visit. However, the data is communicated without personal information, so that the process is anonymous. Avast checks for the most favorable prices and coupon offers with a third party partner called Ciuvo, which never receives any of your personal information.

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